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What you can do to stop the application for Sea Cucumbers in Baynes Sound

If you are against the Application for a commercial Shellfish Tenure for sea cucumber farming from Gartley Point (Royston) to Dorothy Road (Union Bay), here is what you can do by the deadline date for public input of July 31, 2012:

Go to this link to print out a sample Letter of Concern for residents to fill out and send in by July 31st. Note: Page Two contains a list of possible concerns which have been compiled by various concerned citizens. Feel free to use any of them to be copied onto the back of your submission (or make your own Page Two to attach to Page One). Please note that there are five email addresses for “cc-s” — be sure to email a copy of your letter to these government contacts.”


2 responses to “What you can do to stop the application for Sea Cucumbers in Baynes Sound

  1. Phil June 18, 2012 at 2:11 pm

    Great work!
    I have been reading anything I can find on sea cucumber ranching and Baynes sound. The oyster rafts and floats are very visible , but it was astounding to learn of 70 hectares of plastic netting already in place and obviously much more to come, with sea cucumber ranching.The studies and reports of 2002 should be enough to question any further commercialization of the Sound.

    While investment and jobs are welcome here, this proposal apprears to be highly speculative and lacking in science.

    I have communicated my concernns to the front desk and my elected representatives.

    Thank you for represnting the public interests.

    • sharon June 28, 2012 at 5:07 pm

      Hi Phil,
      How can FOB support opposing Raven Coal Mine actions that address the same issues re harm to Baynes Sound and Environmental Review Process that is slammed by the Auditor General as a rubber stamp for business? Glad to see reference to the 2002 BILM request for an environmental impact study to determine aquaculture carrying capacity.

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