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Friends of Baynes Sound – Instructions for Writing your Letter of Concern:

Instructions for Writing your Letter of Concern:
1. Click on “Aquaculture Form Letter“.
2. Print out the Aquaculture Form Letter.
3. Fill out the Aquaculture Form Letter and write your personalized and thoughtful Concerns on the same page.
4. Note You may click on “Concerns-Aquaculture” to view some of the “bullet points” which FOBS members have compiled which might be helpful with formulating your own Concerns on the Form.
5. Be sure to sign and complete your full address including your postal code.
6. Scan your filled-in document and send it to with five (5) “cc’s” to various other government agencies/representatives which are listed on the bottom of “Aquaculture Form Letter”.
7. Note: If you don’t have a scanner, give your Form to a FOBS member and FOBS will make sure it gets to all Parties.
Or, just snailmail your filled-out Form to the snailmail address at the top of the Aquaculture Letter (BC Crown Lands Operations & Aquaculture Manager, Aquaculture, Ministry of Forests, Lands & Natural Resources, 2500 Cliffe Avenue, Courtenay, BC V9N 5M6).
8. Another option is to take your filled-out Form in person to the Service BC Office at 2500 Cliffe Avenue. There is a drop-box just inside the door. (You don’t have to wait in line.) Hours are 8:30PM – 4:30PM. Submissions must be received by Tuesday, July 31st of if you are snailmailing it, send it in a few days earlier than the deadline.
9. If you are not using the Aquaculture Form Letter, make sure that you clearly state that you are Against Applications #1413722 and #1413764 for Shellfish Licences of Occupation for Sea Cucumbers.
The more personalized and thoughtful your Letter, the better.

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