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Question of the day.

Aquaculture One (AQ-1) zoning reads as follows:
“i) Shellfish aquaculture, provided that no structures, except those allowed for in (ii) below, are permitted on the site;
ii) Private or public boat ramps or wharves, excluding any such facilities associated with private yacht, boating or similar recreational clubs, and any facilities that are offered for commercial gain”.
–Page 112, Bylaw No. 2781 – “Comox Valley Zoning Bylaw, 2005
How is it possible then that the Comox Valley Regional District zoning powers don’t cover putting bags of oyster shells, barrier fencing and sea cucumber predator tubes on the ocean floor?

One response to “Question of the day.

  1. Dan Bowen July 14, 2012 at 2:44 pm

    HI Gartley Bay, I discussed this point with the CVRD planners on two occasions last year and this year and was advised that fences are not structures/ see definitions. And also that a bag of oyster shell is not a structure. I was also concerned about the uses in the AQ-1 bylaw
    Dan Bowen

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