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No Benefit

No Benefit.

No Benefit

Ethel Holmberg, Comox Valley Echo

Published: Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A letter to the Aquaculture Manager, BC Crown Lands Operations:

Re: Notice of Intention to Apply for Disposition of Crown Land File #1413722

I suppose it could be worse. It could be geoduck farming, oyster farming or scallop farming and who’s to say it won’t be once they get their foot in the door.

Also, we poor, stupid residents are supposed to swallow the idea that this endeavour was going to “feed the hungry of the world”.I went to the public meetings and I must say I wasn’t reassured by your government employees that it couldn’t happen. All it seems to take is re-filing, getting a new number and slipping it through. When asked if a new owner of an existing aquaculture farm had ever been turned down the answer was “not to my knowledge”.

Personally, I’d rather swallow a sea cucumber than believe that statement.

This whole thing is about money and only money for the developers, investors and the government. There won’t even be many jobs created either. Basically, just a few specialized ones such as divers and a boat crew, a lady to mow the grass and look after the grounds of the hatchery and a few people to run the hatchery. The processing of the animals and the hoped for flights directly from Comox to the Orient will be going to Vancouver.

What really bothers me is the fact that if the above land request File #1413722 and File #1413764 are approved that means that Bayne Sound is completely “farmed out”. I can’t understand why a government agency could let this happen; after all there are future generations who just might like to try to destroy the natural beauty and wild life of this area for themselves.

We have sea cucumbers already in our waters and nature has dictated what their numbers are and that works. Can you guarantee that hundreds of thousands of these creatures won’t disrupt the whole environment? I think not!

Ethel Holmberg



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