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One Response to Friends of Strathcona clarify sea cucumber stance – Comox Valley Record

One Response to Friends of Strathcona clarify sea cucumber stance – Comox Valley Record

  1. Reggie Armstrong October 29, 2012 at 4:00 pm (Edit)

    I was very surprised to read in the Comox Valley Echo that Project Watershed Chair Paul Horgen’s believed that the sea cucumber proposal is “based on good science and sustainability and is designed to maintain environmental balance within the marine habitat and to contribute to the conservation of Baynes Sound”. (See Comox Valley Echo – August 10, 2012 –

    Mr. Horgen’s opinion seemed to be in direct contrast to the beliefs expressed in the aforementioned ECHO article of the existing fisheries such as the BC Seafood Alliance and the Herring Industry.

    I thought to myself “wouldn’t planting millions of sea cucumbers from Royston to Union Bay upset the biodiversity of Baynes Sound”? Furthermore, even the Proponents of this plan have stated that their Proposal was the first of its kind. The Applicants wondered if they could even make a profit.

    Well…that’s just dandy! Let’s make Baynes Sound one big test tube experiment and make us the guinea pigs! I can only imagine the stench of millions of dead sea cucumbers littering the beaches and adversely impacting the “tried and true” fisheries on which so many Comox Valley residents depend for their livelihoods!

    I also thought it strange that Mr. Horgen also said the Comox Valley Conservation Strategy Committee (CVCS) represented not just Project Watershed but 20 different partner organisations including Project Watershed, implying that those 20 organisations also supported the sea cucumber plan.

    On the CVCS website one of those partner organisations includes Friends of Strathcona Park, therefore confirming that Friends of Strathcona Park also supported the sea cucumber applications.

    Now we find out according to this letter written by Kel Kelly that the Friends of Strathcona does NOT in fact have an opinion on sea cucumbers and indeed, does not support the Application one way or the other!

    I wonder if Mr. Horgen’s comments of support for the sea cucumber project had anything to do with the fact that one of the sea cucumber Proponents (who also serves as the Consultant) actually sits on the board of Project Watershed.

    How do you spell “conflict of interest”?

    Of course it could be argued that sea cucumber Proponent who also sits on the Project Watershed Board didn’t have any input on Horgen’s comments nor the CVCS submission letter. In my opinion, at the very least there is a perceived Conflict of Interest to the general public with Project Watershed’s hardy support of the two sea cucumber Applications for Baynes Sound.

    Something is rotten in the state of Denmark, I’d say!

    P.S. Why not just support having salmon farms along the shoreline of Royston to Union Bay? It sounds like a better idea than sea cucumbers to me.

    –Reggie Armstrong – Union Bay


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