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Updated: Reports of the hundreds dead and dying herring (gilled) under the shellfish industry clam predator netting



The reports received today (March 5, 2013) were quite disturbing about the reports of the hundreds dead and dying herring (gilled) under the shellfish industry clam predator netting in the central west area of Denman Island (West BC Ferry Terminal to Denman Point). These fish seem to be larger and quite fat, possibly females that have not spawned yet.

From Association For Denman Island Marine Stewards (ADIMS)

To DFO Conservation and Protection  Attention:  Garth Sinclair / Denver Marraty

Re: Observe and  Reported phoned into  ORR Line from Denman Island Marine Stewards,  March 5, 2013

Further to Resident reports which were phoned in to the Denman Island Marine Stewards,

Re: Large amount of herring tangled and dying under shellfish predator nets

Further to a resident report received Sun Morning, a Marine Stewardship member attended the location at low tide (5pm-6pm March 4 to observe firsthand this concern.

Location: East Side Denman Island, Shellfish Tenure located South of Fillongly Park Beach. Tenure has seeded clam beds with large predator netting covering these portions of tenure.

Concern: Predator Nets are tangled, ripped, dragged into piles, washed away, buried  and generally in disrepair and poorly secured. A large number of herring are getting tangled, gilled, trapped and dying under these nets.  The Herring have spawned on these nets and on the seaweed growing on the nets, then get tangled as the tide recedes.

Buckets of fish are being collected by residents, (for garden?) and the dying fish are also easy prey for birds etc.

Further Concern: is that the same disaster (as seen in 2009)  will occur where thousands of live herring will be gilled and killed along the west shore lines also (Baynes Sound shoreline) under these shellfish predator nets.  As there was an commercial herring opening yesterday on the west Baynes Sound side of the island.  Local residents will try to check the west side locations.  There are still hundreds of predator nets poorly maintained and unsecured at Shellfish Tenures along West Denman Island (as reported to DFO Jan/Feb 2012 )



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