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Capt. NEmO’s response to Predator nets in Baynes Sound

It’s protecting Manila clams seed, it’s approved by D.F.O. That gives them every right.  Do any of you people ever read the real rules.  Are you so against people earning a living. What is wrong with you guys.  What does it matter the species of animal.  If you had any brains you could clearly see these nets are intertidal.  That site has been worked for many many years, long before you arrived here in the valley and will continue to be a thriving aquaculture site (employing people)  long after you are gone.  The sea cucumbers will be here long after the raven coal mine has polluted your pristine waters of Baynes sound.  Your friends of Baynes sound really is a farce.


2 responses to “Capt. NEmO’s response to Predator nets in Baynes Sound

  1. Ed Varney August 29, 2013 at 8:25 pm

    Captain Nemo certainly has remained underwater too long and it has affected his attitude – not to mention his brain cells. Maybe he got a bad case of the bends. I guess he doesn’t know about the collapse of aquatic populations caused by over harvesting and by degradation of aquatic environments. Besides – Hey, it can’t happen here. Guys like Captain Nemo know too much and, after all, all they can think of is short term greed/gain, not long term sustainable health. Big Dada

  2. Rob Wiltshire September 3, 2013 at 4:39 pm

    Captain Nemo has had one too many of the Baynes Sound cadmium laden oysters.

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