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Shellfish Aquaculture Baynes Sound – 6 Tenure Applications 2013 – Via Comox Valley Voice

This vides is my visual “letter to the editor” about my concern with the Baynes Sound prolific Shellfish Aquaculture Applications. There is no clear Government policy that protects the public, their families and their homes from this industry’s push into Baynes Sound, near residential areas, public parks and marine parks.

“These applications for geoduck and/or sea cucumber cultivation are for unprecedentedly large areas off Kye Bay, the Comox Bluffs, Denman Island, and Henry Bay, some of the prime recreational areas in and around Baynes Sound” (BY ED VARNEY, COMOX VALLEY ECHO NOVEMBER 29, 2013

Where is the evidence-based/peer reviewed literature that is unbiased and distinct from the industry-set self-promotion and their marketing program that supports this industry?

Most recent challenges are unprecedented large tenure applications. There has been no independent critical reviews nor adequate education provided to the public about the risks vs benefits.

If the BC government approves more Shellfish Aquaculture tenures it will be defying the public’s voice per the results on the VIU Survey completed on this subject.

Note: The Citizen’s Voices in the video are from an Open House hosted by the proponents which was held in Union Bay in June 2012, a meeting held after much pressure from the public. I am unaware of any other public meetings being held to date by the proponents with respect to the 6 tenure applications referred to in this video.

Please watch another video at on how geoducks are harvested.


One response to “Shellfish Aquaculture Baynes Sound – 6 Tenure Applications 2013 – Via Comox Valley Voice

  1. Ken Colins December 10, 2013 at 9:19 pm

    As a point of interest after watching the “harvest” of shell fish by those natives, are those shell fish legal in size, some look awful small to me??

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