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More rafts for Baynes Sound?

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More Rafts for the waters of Baynes Sound? Despite:

  1. Recent recommendations for further global expansion of marine protected areas pursuant to the United Nations State of the Oceans Report.
  2. Commitment by Prime Minister Trudeau’s government “To increase the proportion of Canada’s marine and coastal areas that are protected” (Mandate letter to Minister of Fisheries & oceans)
  3. In a recent study by Vancouver Island University, “Baynes Sound Opinion Survey on Shellfish Aquaculture”, the response to the statement “There should be more shellfish aquaculture in Baynes Sound” (p. 17) was a strong majority against: 61% disagree + strongly disagree, plus 27% not sure. Only 11% agreed or strongly agreed with the statement.
  4. Backed by unprecedented public response, representation by FOBSS was made to the Board of the Comox Valley Regional District some 4 years ago; we requested the establishment of marine parks/ protected areas in the 10% of Baynes Sound Shoreline not yet committed to aquaculture. We have yet to see action.

To send a comment on the application or request more information please send it to: and include application file numbers.

Click links below to view current application:

# 1414439 Halong Oysters Ltd

See application here on FLNRO website

Comments for this application will be received until 2016-07-27.
To comment on this application please click [ here ].

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One response to “More rafts for Baynes Sound?

  1. gillianandersonndp March 18, 2018 at 10:11 am


    Just reading through this email again, this might be a very good time to make a case to the fed. govt. for a marine protected Baynes Sound Area as they have committed to big marine reserve increases, as you probably know.

    Gillian Anderson

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