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2013 Articles

Province extends public input for geoduck tenure application – Dec 5, 2013

High cadmium levels in Baynes Sound a concern – Dec 2,2013

Why tenures should be rejected – Oct 29,2013

Denman Island residents want public consultation extended for geoduck plan Nov 26,2013

Islands Trust, K’omoks on collision course over Henry Bay operations – Nov 26, 2013

Baynes Sound future at risk – Nov 26, 2013

Aquaculture application near Denman Island creates awkward situation – Nov 25, 2013

Minister visits Comox Valley ahead of Chinese tour – Nov 25, 2013

China-bound trade minister researches Comox Valley businesses – Nov 24, 2013

K’ómoks company hopes to start preparing in spring to grow geoducks – Nov 18, 2013

This Comox Valley land grab underwater Oct 31, 2013

Beauty more important than coal or shellfish to Baynes Sounders – Oct.27, 2013

Underwater Land Grab – Oct 25, 2013

Sea cucumber applications ‘not acceptable’ – Feb 1, 2013

2012 Articles

Friends of Strathcona clarify sea cucumber stance – Oct 23, 2012

Bullfrogs and sea cucumbers – Aug 14,2012

Groups divided on sea cucumber application – Aug 10, 2012

Sea cucumber input will still be welcome for awhile – Aug 9, 2012

Sea cucumber proponent denies seeding has begun in Baynes Sound – Aug 7, 2012

Sea cucumber farm details made public – July 30, 2012

Friends of Baynes Sound speak about sea cucumbers – July 24, 2012

Politicians doing a great job of ignoring Baynes Sound – July 5, 2012

No geoducks in Baynes Sound shellfish tenure, says applicant – May 31,2012


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